Extra-Curricular Activities

Games, Sports, Social, Cultural and Athletic Programmes are regular school activities. Music, Dance, Art & Craft and other socially useful productive works form an integral part of school curiculum. There is emphasis on computer education, instrumental & vocal music, dance, drawing, craft and various sports that are taught by experts.


Arts & Craft

Arts and crafts comprise a whole host of activities and hobbies that are related to making things with one's own hands and skill.



Chess is much more than a sport. It's not just about championships, titles and glory. It can be used to inculcate and improve life skills, decision making ability, differentiation between right and wrong and much more.


Dance & Music

Dance and music has been an integral and inseparable part of human life which helps in healing, communication, relaxation and enjoyment.



Taekwondo has played a key role in the improvement of a humanist education that values courtesy and respect, as well as in the prevention of a diversity of crimes by contributing to the physical training and values education of our students.



Silambam is a good form of cardio workout that improves blood circulation and heart function. Burns calories, helps in weight reduction and shaping of body. Improves body flexibility and reflexive movement of joints and muscles.



Yoga for children can help counter the stress experienced by little ones living in a hurry-up world.